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If you are looking for the ultimate in Cash Out Betting Sites then you have definitely come to the right place, here you will find the latest betting news for your mobile and online cash out betting needs. 

We can provide you with no deposit sign up bonuses for new sites, plus everything you’ll ever need to know about cash out betting. There are even some new betting sites that let you deposit using your phone bill.

We spend hours scouring the internet, bringing you the most reliable information from the best cash out betting sites so that you don’t have to, but don’t worry we wont be inundating you with random offers from every conceivable betting site on the internet.

Each site that is recommend is tried and tested by the COBS team before they even get a mention.

betfair welcome bonusOnce we are confident they will be able to offer you nothing but the best betting experience, only then will we let our followers know of the benefits of gracing them with your custom.

By doing this we ensure that the betting sites we feature are unlikely to disappoint even the most hardened betting fiends.

So you may as well stop your search right here, as the very best cash out betting sites are just click away, or we wouldn’t be doing our job properly.

This means all you have to do is check out our reviews or just simply visit the sites you like the sound of and cash out that wining bet.

Interested? Then yo may want to make a start with Betfair, bet365 and William Hill.

Cash Out Betting Tips

Also if you like to bet but can sometimes be a little undecided as who or what to put your money on, cash out betting sites now have their very own betting expert.

We’ve taken on an experienced bookie basher of epic proportions, who has an in depth knowledge of Horse Racing, Football and even Golf betting.

Our tipster will not only be able to provide you with his top tips, but also provide you with the thought processes behind selections.

This meaning that unlike other tipsters, you can see the tips we provide are not just a stab in the dark.

To see his most recent selections, visit our betting tips page.


What is cash out is strangely one of the most common questions were asked, making it a fundamental part our FAQ section.

But where our Cash Out FAQ’s provide you with the basics you need to know about this betting option, it can vary a little depending on what bookie your registered with, so on this page we will be giving you a more in-depth run down of “what is cash out” at Colossus Bets.

Its worth noting that Colossus Bets have the most unique Cash out option of any betting site, by allowing you to cash out a portion of your bet rather than the whole thing, which is why we have dedicated and entire What is Cash out page to them.

What is Cash Out

What is Cash Out (full bet)

At certain points in your live bet, Colossus Bets can make you an offer to buy any tickets from you which contain at least one potentially winning line.

This can typically happen after a correct outcome of one of the matches in your live ticket, and before the start of the next match, and can even be made at half time during one of your selections.

At this point you have the option to Cash-In your live ticket at the price available.Colossus-Bets

Should you choose to Cash-In the agreed portion of your ticket, you will then receive the amount offered for that proportion of your bet, and you will keep that amount regardless of the eventual outcome of the remainder of your bet.

For this cash out option, if the bet wins you will now no longer be entitled to the winnings for the proportion of your bet that you Cashed-In.

What is Cash Out (percentage bet)

However, you can also choose to sell a fraction of the ticket instead.

This is where you will be made an offer to cash in a percentage of your ticket, if you choose cash in, the remaining percentage will continue to be live, and can increase your earnings should it be successful.

Full Cash Out Example,

If you have placed a £2 ‘Colossus’ bet in which you correctly predict the scores in the first four matches.

You may now be offered £5,000 for your live ticket.

If you accept this offer, then £5,000 will be credited to your Colossus Bets account but you will no longer be entitled to any winnings from the ticket should it eventually win.

Nor will you be entitled to participate in any Bonus leg or receive any Consolation pool winnings.

Percentage Cash Out Example

If you were to sell 50% of this ticket, £2,500 will be credited to your account and you will retain 50% of the rights in this ticket, should it ultimately be successful in any of the Jackpot, Bonus or Consolation pools.

Of course, you can always choose not to Cash-In any of your ticket in which case you will still be entitled to all winnings due in full from that ticket.

We hope this has helped to alleviate your “what is cash out” questions, but should you have any further queries regarding cash out please feel free to review our FAQ’S

What is Cash Out

What is cash out is strangely one of the most common questions were asked, making it a fundamental part our FAQ section. But where […]

Best Cash Out Betting Sites

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