Best Cash Out Betting Sites with In Play Options

    Cash out betting has become one of the most popular forms of online betting, but it took some bookies a while to adopt. With a few options now available, we’ve picked out what we feel are the best cash out betting sites online.

    Now although we think these are the best cash out betting sites, as with most things in life its all down to your personal preference. Because each bookmaker has their own benefits, some may appeal to you more than others.

    For current cash out betting sites, see our list of betting sites with cash out; which is at the bottom of the page; along with new betting sites and our In-play betting guide.

    Best Cash Out Betting Sites – Top 5best cash out betting sites - bet365


    Bet Victor




    Being as it’s our expertise, we have compiled a list of betting sites that offer a cash out option to its players. We started with our quick hit list of top 5, but as I’m sure your aware not every site offers the same cash out options. So with so many sites that offer in play betting now available, the perfect site for you is just a click away.

    Our Preferred Cash Out Bookmakers


    Betfair are considered the king of cash out betting, having been one of the first betting sites to offer it. So as such the range of markets offered is simply mouth-watering, you’ll be hard pressed to find better.

    There too many benefits to using the Betfair cash out option to list here, but almost every sport is available. As they have had longer to perfect it, they are our pick of the best cash out betting sites available.

    Paddy Power

    Chances are you’ll already have an account with Paddy Power, but if not they should definitely be a port of call. Not only is it one of the best betting sites that offer cash out, the weekly promotions Paddy Power like to offer are astounding. Fractional cash out has also recently been added just to spice things up a little.


    Quite surprisingly Bet365 were late in adding cash out to their sports betting site, but they have certainly wasted no time in catching up.

    At the moment there are just a small number of cash out options at Bet365, but more markets are being added. As the UK’s biggest and favourite bookie it won’t be long before they surpass Betfair for cash out.


    Fractional Cash Out Betting – How Does it Work?boylesports welcome bonus

    Your accumulator can be cashed out by a percentage value, which you can set yourself. This means if your accumulator hangs in the balance, you can cash in a portion of your bet. This allows you to leave a percentage of the bet open, covering your initial outlay if the rest of the bet loses. This also allows you to continue to profit should things turn around.

    If its excitement you’re after from your betting, then this is definitely one of the most exhilarating and best cash out betting sites you’ll experience.


    List of online betting sites with cash out.

    Although these didn’t make our preferred list of online betting sites that offer cash out, there’s nothing to say they are lesser quality. Paddy Power get a special mention, as a lot of bettors like yourself rate them so highly; so we urge you to check them all for yourself to find you’re favourite.


    Granted these bookmakers have been around for quite some time, so you’ll probably already have an account; therefore the next section in this cash out special may be of interest to you.

    Best New Betting Sites With Cash Out In-Play Option

    Unlike other areas of online gambling, there aren’t usually as many new betting sites popping up. But in the last six months quite a few have appeared and the great thing is, they offer cash out betting.

    Of the new betting sites to appear, those listed below offer what we feel are the best products; as well as some pretty generous bonuses.


    Mansion Bet

    One of the youngest betting sites we feature, Mansion Bet wasted no time in making their cash out option available. It’s a pretty impressive option, the likes of which turned cashing out on it’s head.

    We feature them in the best cash out bookies, as they are currently our preferred betting site; offering fractional cash out on football and NFL bets. This help to keep the bet alive after deciding to cash in on a portion of your bet; increasing your chances of a potential profit should the remaining stake win.

    It’s the fun that their bets offer that keep us coming back, plus the chance to claim up to £500 when opening a new account.

    Guide to In-Play Betting

    Having seen how popular the cash out in play option has been, due to the nature of the bet; the list of bookies who have cash out available is quickly increasing. As more online betting providers look to grab a slice of that sweet cash out pie.

    Now we’ve provided a list of what we feel are the best in-play betting sites, we move our attention on to the process it self. But what is it that attracts so many betting enthusiasts?

    Why cash out in play?

    The very nature of betting is hit and miss, you either win or lose and there is no grey area. However, the amount you could lose can now be reduced.

    Thanks to the geniuses at sites like Betfair, your bet can actually lose but you can still walk away with some cash in your pocket. Leaving you to able to come back and fight another day.

    With more markets becoming available for in play betting, this is fast becoming the popular way to place a bet online or by mobile.

    How to Cash Out In-Play

    Whether you bet online or on your mobile, you will have the option to cash out in play.

    Within the main menu of your designated betting site, there will be a cash out button. By clicking/tapping this button you will be taken to your live bets, bets that are available to cash out in play are usually highlighted.

    When selecting any highlighted bet the details will pop up on your screen, showing you exactly how much that bet is worth at that time.

    Its then down to you to decide if you want to cash out early, or take a chance and keep the bet going for a bit longer; in order to risk gaining a better profit.

    A lot of bookies now allow you to partially cash out, leaving some of your stake in play.

    In-Play Betting Example

    Now you have chosen your bookmaker from our list of the best cash out betting sites, where do you go from there?

    Say you have a gut feeling Newcastle United are going to cause an upset at Liverpool, so you bet £10 on Newcastle to win at 9/2 with Paddy Power. Newcastle somehow manage take a 1-0 lead in the 73rd minute, this is where the fun begins.

    You’re being offered £25 to cash out early, knowing that there are still 17 squeaky bum minutes left to play. Do you take the cash and run or hold your nerve for the full £55? Praying that the tide doesn’t turn and your cash out in play option doesn’t disappear; never to be seen again.

    Personally we would always choose to cut and run, as any amount of profit is a plus. Letting it ride could mean you lose it all and that’s where bad decisions can usually follow.

    New In-play Deposit Method

    As well as being the first site to spot the potential of cashing out in-play, we’ve just discovered another game changer. We recently learned of the ability to  use Boku at betting sites online, which is where your deposits are added to your phone bill. But as you cant withdraw using it, you may want to make sure PayPal betting or Neteller banking is also available; so you can cash out your winnings.

    All bonuses mentioned in this best cash out betting sites article are for new accounts only, 18+ & Full T&C’s can be found on the sites advertised.