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Euro 2024 Bet Builder Betting Sites

    There’s a new trend among betting sites that has gamblers salivating, where you become the architect of your own betting adventure. Welcome to the world of the Bet Builder! Whether you’re experienced when it comes sports betting or just your’re just finding your feet, bet builders offer an exciting opportunity to customize your betting slip like never before.

    Gone are the days of being confined to pre-set bet options. With a bet builder, you have the power to mix and match various markets and outcomes within a single game, allowing you to create your own unique bet. It’s like building your own sandwich – you choose the ingredients, and the outcome is entirely up to you.

    In this bet builder betting guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of bet builders, exploring how they work, the benefits they offer, and some handy tips to make the most out of your betting experience. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey where your imagination is the only limit!

    What is a Bet Builder?

    bet builder betting sitesThe bet builder may be a newer term that’s floating around, but it has been around longer than you think. Bet Builders were formally known as a same game multi, but the new name has seen a surge in this type of bet.

    So what is a bet builder? A bet builder is a handy little bet that empowers you to construct the perfect custom bets. You can tailor it to suit your own preferences based on your knowledge within a single sporting event.

    Instead of being limited to traditional bet types like match outcomes or goalscorers, bet builders allow you to combine various elements of a game to create a personalized wager.

    Offered by all of the bookmakers mentioned in our section below about the best bet builder sites, bet builders let you select individual legs from a range of betting options related to a specific football match, NFL or NBA game.

    These options may include bets revolving around individual player or team performances, match events, and more, depending on the sport and the bookmaker you choose.

    For instance, in a football match, you might choose to bet on the number of goals scored, the number of yellow cards issued and whether a particular player will score and assist in the same game. The possibilities are extensive, giving you the freedom to craft bets that suit your betting style.

    Once you’ve built your bet, the bet builder calculates the odds for your custom bet in real-time. If your bet wins, you’ll receive a payout based on the odds provided and your stake at the time of placing the bet.

    Best Euro 2024 Bet Builder Sites

    When it comes to which are the best bet builder sites, there are plenty for us to choose from. These are a range of well-known brands and smaller or new betting sites. We feel we actually have a good mix here, rather than just sticking in the popular brands like some other sites do.

    If any of our bet builder betting sites have taken your fancy, then all you need to do is use the links provided to check them out for yourselves. There may even be a cheeky little bonus in it for you if you are a new customer.

    Bet365 Bet Builder

    Of the betting sites listed above, the bet365 bet builder offers the best value for money in our opinion. This is partly due to their competitive odds as they try to stay ahead of the competition. But as they are one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, the markets available for the bet365 bet builder are second to none.

    Bet365 are also renowned for being ahead of the game when it comes to promotions, which is why they have one of the best customer retention percentages of the big bookies. You can also be sure to find any betting market you may be interested in, as well as some impressive payment methods.

    Paddy Power Bet Builder

    You may have noticed we don’t list the Paddy Power bet builder, or that of their partner site Betfair. Whilst both offer this popular option to their customers, they can sometimes be limited in terms of markets available per game. The odds available are also not very competitive when compare to those on our list.

    So with that in mind we tend to avoid using Betfair or Paddy Power for our bet builders, whenever we do venture away and look for sites like bet365.

    Sports for Bet Builders

    Most people tend to stick to the same sports or betting markets, but quite often we like to mix things up a bit. If you are like us or tend to bet on more obscure events, you may be wondering which sports are available for bet builders.

    Below we will give a quick brief on some of the more popular sports you can use for your betting.

    Football Bet Builders

    Football bet builders started the bet builder revolution, offering a plethora of markets to explore beyond traditional betting options. When it comes to football, some of the best markets to take advantage of in bet builders include goalscorers, total goals, corners, cards, and other player options. These markets allow bettors to leverage their knowledge of the game or team to craft custom bets.

    Whether you’re backing a prolific striker to find the back of the net or anticipating a high-scoring affair with plenty of corners and cards, football bet builders provide an exciting option to tailor your bets. We tend to have most of our success in the shots and fouls market with an average of 5 or 6 legs.

    NFL Bet Builder

    When it comes to NFL bet builders, some of the most lucrative markets to explore include player props (such as passing yards, rushing yards, and touchdowns), total points scored, team performance (such as total yards gained or turnovers forced), and specific game events (such as the first team to score or the outcome of coin toss). The vast array of these markets make NFL betting more appealing to some gamblers.

    If you are an avid NFL fan, you can use your knowledge of teams, players, and game dynamics to your advantage against UK bookies.

    NBA Bet Builder

    Some of the most enticing markets to explore in NBA bet builders are similar to NFL. They include player props (such as points, rebounds, assists), team performance (such as total points scored, three-pointers made), game events (such as the first team to score or the total number of fouls), and even combinations of player and team statistics.

    Again, the vast array of options available with one of Americas favourite sports, offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to place a NBA bet builder

    More Sports

    There are a few more sports that bookmakers use for their bet builders, but they tend to be less popular. This is either due to their lack of support in the uk or the smaller range of markets available. Two of those sports are Tennis and Cricket.

    Tennis: Tennis bet builders centre around match outcomes, set winners, total games played, and player-specific statistics like aces or double faults.

    Cricket: Cricket bet builders provide options for fans to build bets based on match results, player performances (e.g., runs scored, wickets taken), and specific game events (e.g., method of dismissal).

    Were sure that as the bet builder gains further popularity, more and more sports will be added to list, as bookmaker offerings improve.

    Tips to Pick a Bet Builder

    If you are new to bet builders and with so much choice available, you would be forgiven for getting overwhelmed. So to put you at ease, we’ll run through a few bet builder tips that can help you quickly find your feet.

    But the biggest tip we can give is to find a market and type of bet builder that suits your betting style, both in terms of landing winners and increasing your enjoyment of watching it unfold.

    With some bets you can just try your luck based on a gut feeling, such as a score line or match result, but bet builders require a little more thought and consideration. So our advice is to do a little research beforehand. This doesn’t mean you only have to stick to what you know i.e. football. You can try your hand at other sports provided you put a little in a little groundwork.

    Most often, a bet builder we place is generally based on a combination of our strongest betting markets. Our favourite options in football revolve around player markets like shots and fouls. But we never place a bet builder too early as you want to wait for the teams to be announced. That way you will know if your hot shot player or midfield enforcer will feature in the match.

    Although you will need more legs, combining about 6 low odds bets in to a £10 bet builder can often reap rewards. We prefer this to betting less on higher odds, as they stand more of a chance of coming in. For instance a bet builder of around 5/1 would return £60 and is morelikely to land than a 4 leg 20/1 bet.

    But the absolute best bet builder tip we can give is to practice responsible gambling. Only bet what you can afford to lose and don’t let emotion or external aspects like alcohol dictate your bets


    Are Bet Builders Worth It?

    This is probably the most common question posed by gamblers, and in our opinion yes! Although the odds can be less than traditional accumulators, they still represent better value than match singles as you can combine several markets from one match.

    What is the difference between a bet builder and an accumulator?

    The difference between a bet builder and accumulator is quite straight forward. An accumulator is generally a bet placed on multiple matches and even sports, such as a trixie bet, it can also be placed over several days. Whereas a bet builder is compiled of multiple markets available with the same game or event.

    Who has the Best Bet Builder?

    If you have read our full guide, you will know by now that we believe the bet365 bet builder is the best, with BoyleSports coming a close second.

    Can you Cash Out a Bet Builder?

    100% yes! Providing you are betting with one of our best cash out betting sites. And if we’re being honest, we cash out a decent percentage of our bet builders for a profit when we feel they are at risk.

    Summary of Bet Builders

    In essence, bet builders can elevate the betting experience by putting you in control, allowing you to create bets that reflect your insights and strategies while adding an extra layer of excitement to a game. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor looking for new challenges or a casual fan seeking a more engaging way to enjoy sports, bet builders offer a great way to bet on your favourite events.