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Combi Plus From Bwin

    If like us you’ve been placing accumulators for years and as much fun and as profitable as its been, we’ve just been waiting for someone to kick it up a notch, finally our betting wish has been granted with Combi+ from Bwin.

    Combi+ is the slick new accumulator from Bwin that comes with massively enhanced odds as well as several options to choose from, including combi+ bigs and combi+ overs, with matches from all the best leagues plus European and International competitions.

    What is Combi+ from Bwin?bwin

    Combi+ from Bwin is essentially an accumulator, without the hassle having to scrawl the list of fixtures picking out teams that will give you a big return, Combi+ is a 1-click Multi bet and combination of the best picks from a round of fixtures that come with up to 30% higher odds.

    With the Combi+ you can bet on domestic football leagues and international highlights like the Champions League and Europa League, as well as international qualifiers and friendlies.

    Combi+ Variations

    There are five different ways to bet with Combi+ and they all promise to give you a big return when it wins.Combi+ from bwin

    Top Combi+ A selection of the top names and favourites of the day.

    Combi+Bigs The big names in football with even bigger odds.

    Combi+Favs A combination of the favourites, bundled together for increased payouts.

    Combi+DCs Double Chance, safer bets with no compromise in winnings.

    Combi+Overs Bet on the goals scored and score up to 30% higher odds.

    Like all accumulators, Combi+ bets are treated as single bets, if one selection is a loser the entire Combi+ bet will be a loser, but to be fair without risk you can’t have such a rich reward.

    Place Your Bwin Combi+ Here

    Combi+ is just one of the many to promotions you can enjoy at Bwin; for instance have you tried their Double Winnings

    What is Double Winnings?

    Would you rather receive your winnings once or twice? Bwin’s latest feature is all about doubling the excitement, the thrills, the action, the fun and most-importantly, your winnings!

    Double Winnings does exactly as the name suggests, simply place a bet and double your winnings.

    Choose the 1st goal-scorer in a football match on Europe’s top leagues and cup competition, if your player scores again, then Bwin will pay you twice.