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Knee Op or Just a Knee Jerk Reaction from Harry Redknapp

    News broke today of QRP accepting Harry Redknapp’s offer of resignation, but just what was the real reason for the once England managerial candidate to jump ship, is it really a knee op or just a knee jerk reaction from Harry Redknapp.

    According to news sources Harry Redknapp resigned as manager of QPR due to an upcoming knee operation, which he felt would hinder his management of the relegation battling club, with Redknapp quoted as saying “it’s better for someone else to take over the reins”. But another story from The Telegraph could just hold the key to the true reason Harry quit.

    The Loftus Road club currently lie 19th in the Premier League table on 19 points, with just 5 wins and 4 draws from 23 games.

    An uncharacteristically quiet transfer window and deadline day from Harry erupted in to chaos late on Monday 2nd January, as a last minute attempt to bolster his squad was scuppered by the Premier League and their rules on loan signings.

    The London club had struck a deal to return an underperforming Mauro Zarate back to West Ham after just 27 days, with Matt Jarvis going in the opposite direction, only for the Premier League to knock back the transfer due to the fact that a club cannot loan two players from the same top-flight club in the same transfer window.

    Cheque Book Closed

    But was this lack of activity the real reason for the managers departure and did it lead to Harry throwing his toys out of the pram.

    Tony Fernandes had taken to twitter in January to declare that QPR’s days of splashing the cash were over, also stating to press that he had bought all the players Harry had asked for in summer, indicating they just needed the right motivation, tactics and coaching.

    With the purse strings tightened at Loftus Road, Fernandes had appeared to throw down the gauntlet for Redknapp to prove he has the management skills required to lead his current crop of players out of a relegation battle rather than just keep throwing money at the problem.

    It appears the Charismatic manager may have felt he wasn’t up to the challenge he failed the last time of asking and offered his resignation to the board, who duly accepted and subsequently put Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey in charge of team affairs.

    No Doubt Redknapp will make a return to management at some stage, but you have to wonder whether the lack of ability to do his usual dealings, being forced to work with his current crop of players, will have caused any long term damage.