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New Customer Betting Offers

    When it comes to new customer betting offers, pretty much every bookmaker known to man has betting sign up offers. Bookies offers for new customers come in all shapes and sizes and it can be time consuming combing through the best betting sites looking for new betting offers. So whether you’re looking for free bets, bet boost ore even some bonus credit, we’ve got all your new betting account offers covered.

    Best Betting Sign Up Offers

    When it actually comes to picking the best betting sites offers, this is obviously subjective depending on what you are looking for from your new bookmaker. The bookies we’ve listed below are not only some of the biggest or best, they also constantly come up with amazing new betting account offers; often setting the bar for other online betting sites to meet.

    best new customer betting offersWith over 80 online bookmakers to choose from there were obviously a lot of new customer betting offers for us t choose from, but we feel those mentioned above offer the best value for money; as well as being trustworthy betting sites.

    How Do We Rate Bookies Offers?

    As you can see there are a varied range of betting sites listed, from old faithful to new betting online sites. The bookies we’ve chosen weren’t based on their overall rating, they were purely based on our interpretation of the best betting sign up offers. So aspects like customer service, payment methods and betting odds were not taken in to account.

    New betting account offers are generally high on our list based on the ease at which you can claim free bets or deposit boosts. These tend to come with wagering requirements that are easy to understand and quickly met. After all there is no point claiming a betting bonus, only to have to jump through lots of hoops in order to enjoy it.

    If we find the T&C’s agreeable then the next thing we look at are the value of the new customer betting offers. For example a bookmaker who rewards you with a £30 free bet or 5 free bets with a £10 deposit will be far more appealing than a bet £10 get £10 bonus.

    But as much as we’ve reviewed the terms and conditions of each bonus at the point of compiling this list, we always recommending reading them yourself as they are subject to change.

    New Bookies Offering Sign Up Bonuses

    Online betting has seen some exponential growth in recent years, with lots of new sports betting sites popping up. Whether they be independent bookies or white label betting sites.

    New free bets are great for feeling your way around a new bookmaker who’s trying to establish themselves.

    As you look around our website you will see quite a few new brands that you may not recognise, but here are our pick of the best.

    Betting Offers for Existing Customers

    Although the majority of this content is based around opening a new account to claim new customer betting offers, loyalty shouldn’t be under estimated. After all it can be time consuming opening new accounts at every betting site just to claim a free bet.

    Some of the best bookies like to reward their loyal customers, mainly to stop them straying elsewhere. But it’s also a great way to engage with existing customers and remind them you value them.

    There are several ways in which a betting site likes to reward their customers, the most common being a free bets club; the best of which are currently offered by Coral and Betfair.

    As bookmakers have begun to understand the benefits of loyalty, they are learning exactly what customers are looking for from reward programs. Most now offer free bet clubs, but have also branched out in how they are delivered.

    Not only can they be the basic place 5 bets and get a free bet, they can now be based on your favourite bet types; such as get a free acca when you spend £25 on accumulators that week or place 4 in play bets to one free.

    As well as bet clubs, there are also lots of other promotions that can be taken advantage of to make you money spread that little bit further. These can include money back specials, acca insurance, odds boost and in play bonuses.

    So be sure to take a good look around your existing bookmaker to make sure you’re not missing out on any.

    What are new customer free bets?

    You wouldn’t actually think that free bets for new customers would be something that needed an explanation, but there are actually a lot of things to take in to consideration before you claim your new bookies bonus.

    The first thing to mention would be the misleading term “free Bet”. As much as it get thrown about by most bookmakers, it’s worth noting that there will certain requirements that need to be met in order to qualify.

    Part of those T&C’s will most definitely require a specific deposit amount for new account holders, or a qualifying bet; especially if you’re taking advantage of an existing customer betting bonus. However, they still technically qualify as a free bet as providing you have met the terms then you get to keep any winnings as cash.

    In most cases the bonus or free bet will be credited once you have placed your first bet or made your first deposit at a new betting site. For existing customer free bets, it will apply to the very next deposit or bet immediately after opting in to the bonus.

    There tends to be a bit of flexibility when it comes to which sports you can use to place your qualifying bet or when claiming your new customer free bets. But make sure you read the info on bookmakers’ page beforehand to make sure this is the case for your bonus.

    As we mentioned earlier, there can be a variety of betting sign up offers available at online bookies. We break these down in more detail a bit further down the page.

    Key Information for Free Bet Bonuses

    Before claiming your free bet or new customer betting bonus, there are a few bits of key information or questions that you should ask. These simple questions will give you all the information you need before deciding whether to open that new account.

    All of the answers can be found in the terms and conditions, which is why we always advise giving them a read.

    The first thing you need to know is how much money is involved. If your free bet is deposit based then what is the minimum deposit amount or is there a minimum bet value required.

    The next element to look out for are the actual bet requirements. There is usually a minimum odds value attached to new customer betting bonuses, otherwise every customer would just whack a load of money on a low odds bet to get the profit credit. Some betting sites even insist on you betting on specific sports.

    Time is of the essence! Often there is a limited time frame to place your qualifying bet or claim your bet bonus, so always bear that in mind to ensure you don’t miss out.

    All of the above factors can play a big part when assessing new customer betting sign up offers. Not just for claiming but also when it comes to claiming your winnings, as you will not be able to withdraw your cash if specific aspects of the T & C’s haven’t been met.

    Don’t let the thought of having to delve in to a raft of legal text in search of this information deter you from claiming bookies offers though. More often than not, the key terms of any betting sites new customer offer is often listed next to any mention of it or on the sign up page; so you can have a quick glance at them to see if you want to claim the bonus.

    Sign Up Bonuses vs Free Bets

    new customer free bet sign up bonusesYou’ve probably noticed by now we keep mentioning free bets separately to sign up bonuses. That’s purely because they are actually slightly different, not only in how they work but also how they can be claimed.

    Sign up bonuses seem to be the way the online betting industry heading at the moment. Choosing to offer new account holders a deposit boost such as bet £10 get £30 or £100 in bonus credit, rather than £5 free bet with your 1st qualifying bet/deposit.

    That’s generally because you tend to need to stick around longer to play through a bonus, rather than place one bet and disappear forever. This does however come with a few strings attached.

    As well as having to meet the usual conditions that apply, deposit boosts tend to also come with slightly higher wagering requirements. Although this sounds like a negative, if you think about it in relative terms, it kind of makes sense.

    Deposit boost bookmaker sign up bonuses generally offer a bigger reward amount guaranteed. Rather than hoping you win from the one free bet, you get a set amount to spend across several bets.

    We much prefer these bonuses as they tend to offer new customers a little more freedom when it comes to placing their first bets. It also gives you a few more chances to benefit from the welcome bonus.

    No Deposit Free Bets

    If you’re looking for a no deposit free bet, then you’re actually looking for the holy grail of new account betting bonuses. Although they do exist, they are extremely rare!

    Due to costs involved, bookmakers only offer these elusive bonuses for a short period of time. They are often used as a tool to recruit lots of new customers in a short period of time or as a promotion for a high profile sporting event.

    Currently none of the betting sites we feel comfortable recommending offer a no deposit free bet welcome bonus. But if they do, even for a short period of time, you can guarantee you will find it here.

    As an alternative, you may want to take a look at these casinos offering free spins when you add card details.

    Types of Betting Site Sign Up Offers Explained

    As we’ve eluded to throughout this article, there are lots of variants for new customer betting offers and understanding these bookmaker bonuses can be difficult. So in order to give you a better understanding of the bookies offers, we’ve put together this handy little guide.

    Matched Deposit Betting Bonus

    This is slowly becoming the welcome bonus of choice with most online bookmakers, so it make sense to start with this one.

    A lot of people refer to these as free bets but as you can plainly see, it is more of a deposit bonus; where you receive extra funds based on the amount you choose for your first deposit rather than free bet tokens.

    Matched deposit betting bonuses can come in various sizes, from a basic 50% and all the way up to 200%. So if you deposit £20 in either of these scenarios, then you would receive £10 or £40 respectively in bonus funds. Remember these sign up bonuses are on top of your initial deposit, so they can be very lucrative.

    But before you dive straight in and go looking for a 200% deposit match bonus, there’s just a little something you need to bear in mind. Offer like this tend to come with high wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. In some cases this can be as high as 65x, though the average tends to be much lower for sports betting. Could you imagine the disappointment on winning from a £10 bonus only to find you then have to wager through £650 before you can make a withdrawal.

    Enhanced Odds and Price Boost Sign up Offers

    Online bookmakers tend to use these popular bonuses to entice new customers who like to bet on specific sports or games. They mainly revolve around high profile events such as the World Cup, Euros, Wimbledon or Cheltenham Festival. Individual football games such as Liverpool vs Man United is also a firm favourite.

    Rather than offering a cash amount to use as a free bet, bookies will give larger odds than the market dictates for specific outcomes. Any winnings from the bet can be paid as cash but more often than not it will appear in your account as free bet credit. It’s also worth noting that your initial stake will not be returned like it would with a standard bet.

    Cashback Betting Sign Up Offers

    This type of bonus is pretty self-explanatory, the amount you lose on a specific bet or over a specific period will be returned back to your account. But at the same time this is a little misleading!

    In most cases the cashback betting bonus isn’t actually returned as instant cash that can be withdrawn. Instead the bookmakers will pop the cashback amount in to your free bet credit wallet. But depending on the cashback bonus period, this can still be very rewarding, prolonging your betting activity well beyond your first deposit.

    New Customer Betting Bonus Codes

    Some bookmakers like to cover all their bases by offering a number of different welcome bonuses. For example, 888sport are fond of giving out enhanced odds welcome bonuses for several Premier League games in a single weekend.

    In order to claim a specific bonus, you need to enter a promo code when opening your account, so the correct offer is applied. In a lot of cases this code is automatically applied to the sign up screen, but it’s always worth copying it or making a note of it before beginning the process.

    These codes not only benefit the new customer, they also help the bookies figure out what works best for players. So they can use the right bonuses to entice future players or even appeal to existing customers with their regular promotions.

    Betting Site Offers Summary

    There’s no doubting that there are some great options for new customer betting offers, but which one you choose is purely dependant on what you are looking for. The first thing you need to establish what suits you, whether that be a maximum cash bonus or minimum wagering requirements that don’t tie you in.

    Either way there are plenty for you to choose from and as long as you choose one of the new customer free bets that you are comfortable with, you can’t go wrong.