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William Hill Football Coupon

    Football coupons are a popular way of betting in the UK, with most football betting sites offering them, and the William Hill football coupon being a fans favourite. But not everyone knows what they are or how to best utilise them. In our guide this William Hill coupon, we answer all of your questions and tell you how to make the most of them

    William Hill Football Coupons

    Before we give you our insights on how to maximise your coupons, we thought we would first run through what they are, and the different types of William Hill football coupon you can bet on.

    Football coupons have come a long way from the traditional style of which just let you predict a home, draw or away result. As much as it was a bit of a routine for people to walk to their local William Hill weekend football coupon, times have changed, and for the better.

    You can still place paper based coupons at your local shop, as well as online, but now there is a vast array of bet types and markets that can used. These range from simple straight line accumulators such as trebles and four folds, to more complex bets like a Yankee bet. As for the range of markets covered, you can find those detailed below.

    But before you can place a William Hill football coupon bet, you’ll need to have an account. Thankfully, if you don’t yet have one, this is easy to do at As thank you for opening a new account, there is generous welcome bonus that can be taken advantage of.

    Match Result Football Coupons

    william hill football couponThis tends to be the most popular football coupon at William Hill. A match result coupon is where a bet is placed on the outcome of any game at the end of 90 minutes. The options available are Home, Draw or Win,

    When looking at the fixtures on today’s William Hill football coupon paper slip, you will see a list of matches with three adjacent odds. The odd immediately next to the fixture always represent the home team, the odds on the right are the away team and middle odds are a draw. Simply tick the corresponding box for each fixture to make your selections, then choose your bet type and stake before taking it to the cashier.

    As for online coupons, the process is equally as simple. On the home screen you will see a list of high profile football matches, with the odds next to them in the same layout as a paper slip. If your preferred league or game is not listed there, simply locate the football icon and click it to be take through to the dedicated football betting section. Once you have located your fixture, you can follow the same process as above to place your bet.

    To place football coupons at William Hill using any of the other bet types below, you will need to tap on each fixture to see the available to avail the markets available. Also if you are a fan of cash out betting, you will be able to monitor your open online football coupons in the app, and paper slips using the William Hill bet slip checker.

    Both Teams to Score Football Coupon

    Another popular coupon is based around the both teams to score market, or BTTS. This bet is pretty self-explanatory and is based on predicting whether or not both teams will find the net during the game.

    Sadly if you are more old school, then you will struggle to find these on paper slips, as they tend to be more of an online feature. Due to the reduced options and the nature of the game, the odds for these bets tend to be low. You will often see the odds at evens or close to it, although this is what makes them popular for William Hill midweek football coupons.

    In order to find this market, you don’t need to individually go in to each fixture, as the bookies usually have a specific tab within the football betting section. Simply visit that tab and all games will be displayed with the odds for both teams to score in the Yes or No columns.

    You can then build your bet with your selections.

    William Hill Goal in Both Halves Coupon

    The Goal in both halves market has risen in popularity in recent years. Unlike the BTTS coupon, it’s not reliant on both teams scoring, instead there simply has to be a goal in each half from either team.

    This kind of bet tends to require a greater level of research in order to maximise its potential. For instance, in recent years Liverpool have scored a large percentage of goals late in the second half of their fixtures. When they have conceded goals then it has often been in the first half, when the opposition get at them early.

    Although the odds for this bet are slightly better, they still tend to hover around the evens price point. But with the right amount of preparation, there is still a decent profit to be made. Again these are rarely on a William Hill football coupon, you will also need to in to each fixture online to get the odds.

    Under/Over Goals Coupon

    This market has seen the biggest rise in popularity at William Hill, and it’s not hard to see why. The basic premise is that you will there being more or less that a set number of goals. There are lots options available in this market so you can choose your own level of risk and reward.

    The lines available start at 0.5 goals and go up to 8.5 in 1 goal increments, always being in half goal numbers to ensure there is winning and losing amount. The trick with this market is to find a team’s goals scored and conceded stats, as that will give you a good indicator as to how low or high the goal count will be.

    This also tends to be a good market to utilise in play, especially when a game that was supposed to be tight suddenly looks like a goal fest. You can find these odds in the goal markets of William Hill football coupons.

    Shots on Target Coupon

    As you have probably guessed by now, stats are playing a bigger part in William Hill football coupons. As such, the shots on target football coupon tends to be a favourite with more experienced gamblers who heavily analyse statistics.

    You need to have a good knowledge of both team and player forms to be able to make the most of these bets. Knowing which players are on a hot streak and which players or even teams are under performing can hand you a huge advantage over the bookies.

    You can also factor in injuries and fixture pileups to look for value bets. For instance if Arsenal are playing a team struggling in the league, but they have injuries in their defence, then their opposition are likely to have more shots on target than usual, so there is likely going to be some good value there.

    Maximise your William Hill Football Coupon

    Even though most football bets are just best guess, there are still ways in which you can take advantage of situations or maximise your potential profit. Below we will disclose strategies and ways in which we improve our chances when placing William Hill football coupons.

    If used correctly and in conjunction with each other, you can make some serious money. We’ll show you how we would go about starting with the football coupons at William Hill then working up.

    Choosing the Right Coupon Bet

    Although popular, we rarely bet on the match results market, often favouring the goals market. Match results may sometimes offer great returns, but it only takes a stubborn team holding out for a draw to spoil a coupon.

    Over/Under and BTTS bets can be levied well with just a small amount of research. Although the odds can be smaller, there is more opportunity for stacking these low risk bets to improve your chances and return.

    We don’t completely dismiss match odds though, as they are worth mixing in when a team is heavy favourites.

    Utilise Different Bets in your coupon

    We’re not talking about the different markets like those mentioned above. Here were talking about the different options you see once you’ve added your choices to your bet slip. Depending on the number of selections you make, you will have several options to choose from, as well as the usual accumulator.

    Let’s take a look at the Trixie bet for example, which can be complicated on a paper slip, so we advise using betting app. Trixie bets can be used to leverage value odds in games you think an upset may be on the cards and the favourite may lose.

    By simply selecting two odds on favourites and one game with slightly better odds, you can use Trixie’s to hedge your bets. Even if your gut feeling falls short, you can still win the bet if the two other teams win. However, if your gut feeling is right, then you stand to make a decent profit with just one more win, and even more if all three win the football coupon.

    For more information on how this bet works, check out our Trixie bet guide.

    Place a William Hill Football Coupon as Late as Possible

    Although William Hill will have weekend football coupons and midweek football coupons available days in advance, there is a lot that can happen in that time. This is why we don’t dive in and keep doing our research, placing our bets as late as possible.

    Plan your bets for games you want to include in your coupon, but when it comes to Saturday morning or the evening of midweek fixtures, look at their up to date football coupon. You can sometimes find games or bets included that offer better value than your initial selections, but remember the well know saying, never back the early kick off!

    Do Your Research

    A lot of the football coupons at William Hill require some level of research. So with this in mind we always take our time and assess the stats for each leg of our coupon. We also like to keep up to date with the latest team and player news, as an injury or simple statement during a press conference about a team’s approach can have an impact on the bets we’re looking at.

    William Hill UK Coupon Summary

    In conclusion, William Hill football coupons offer an exciting and convenient way for football enthusiasts to engage with their favourite sport while potentially earning some extra cash. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a casual fan, these coupons provide a wide range of betting options, from straightforward match outcomes to more complex accumulator bets. With William Hill’s reputable platform and user-friendly interface, exploring and placing bets on football games has never been easier. So, next time you’re looking to add something extra to your football viewing experience, consider placing a William Hill football coupon. Good luck with your bets!