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Protektor From bwin Multi Bets Insurance

    First we brought you Combi+ which is a fantastic variation on your favourite bet, the accumulator, now cash out betting sites bring you Protektor from bwin, the only way to insure your Multi bets with a win even if some of your picks fall short.

    Where other bookies will offer you the odd promotion of money back if one leg of a fivefold or more loses, Protektor from bwin is the first online sports betting brand that offers the option to insure any Multi bet of your choosing, giving you the chance to claim your stake back every day rather than just a day of the bookies choosing.

    What is Protektor from bwin?bwin protektor

    Protektor is a brand new sports betting feature over at bwin, with which you can protect yourself by insuring your stake against a certain amount of lost picks in your Multi bet, or accumulator as its most commonly known, e.g. you could lose some picks in a Multi bet and still get your stake back.

    Place your Protektor bet at Bwin

    How can I select Protektor?

    Protektor is available for pre-event Multi bets, you can select the new Protektor feature from the ‘Multi bets’ section of the bet slip.

    How many picks can I Protekt?

    You can choose to insure any number of picks on your Multi bet with a maximum of one less than the total amount of picks. For example, if your Multi bet consists of 5 picks, you could potentially insure up to 4 of them.

    How much will Protektor cost me?

    The cost of Protektor is based on the odds of the Multi bet you place, the amount you decide to bet and the number of picks you choose to insure, but surely it’s better to lose some of your stake than all of it.

    Before placing your next Protektor bet though, we thought it pertinent to mention that you are not able to select Protektor with any bonus funds or with any extra bets.

    Is Protektor available on mobile?

    Unfortunately at the moment, it’s only possible to use Protektor from bwin on your desktop, but it will be available for the bwin Sports apps very soon.