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If you are looking for the ultimate in Cash Out Betting Sites then you have definitely come to the right place, here you will find the latest betting news for your mobile and online cash out betting needs. 

We can provide you with no deposit sign up bonuses for new sites, plus everything you’ll ever need to know about cash out betting. There are even some new betting sites that let you deposit using your phone bill.

We spend hours scouring the internet, bringing you the most reliable information from the best cash out betting sites so that you don’t have to, but don’t worry we wont be inundating you with random offers from every conceivable betting site on the internet.

Each site that is recommend is tried and tested by the COBS team before they even get a mention.

betfair welcome bonusOnce we are confident they will be able to offer you nothing but the best betting experience, only then will we let our followers know of the benefits of gracing them with your custom.

By doing this we ensure that the betting sites we feature are unlikely to disappoint even the most hardened betting fiends.

So you may as well stop your search right here, as the very best cash out betting sites are just click away, or we wouldn’t be doing our job properly.

This means all you have to do is check out our reviews or just simply visit the sites you like the sound of and cash out that wining bet.

Interested? Then yo may want to make a start with Betfair, bet365 and William Hill.

Cash Out Betting Tips

Also if you like to bet but can sometimes be a little undecided as who or what to put your money on, cash out betting sites now have their very own betting expert.

We’ve taken on an experienced bookie basher of epic proportions, who has an in depth knowledge of Horse Racing, Football and even Golf betting.

Our tipster will not only be able to provide you with his top tips, but also provide you with the thought processes behind selections.

This meaning that unlike other tipsters, you can see the tips we provide are not just a stab in the dark.

To see his most recent selections, visit our betting tips page.


There is a new craze sweeping across the betting scene, the cash out in play option is finally becoming mainstream, Betfair have allowed you to cash out for a while now, with Paddy Power and Colossus Bets also catching on early.

Having seen how popular the cash out in play option has been, due to the nature of the bet; the list of bookies who have cash out available is quickly increasing. As more online betting providers look to grab a slice of that sweet cash out pie.

Why cash out in play?Cash Out In Play

The very nature of betting is hit and miss, you either win or lose and there is no grey area. However, the amount you could lose can now be reduced.

Thanks to the geniuses at sites like Betfair, your bet can actually lose but you can still walk away with some cash in your pocket. Leaving you to able to come back and fight another day.

With more markets becoming available for in play betting, this is fast becoming the popular way to place a bet online or by mobile.

How to Cash Out In-Play

Whether you bet online or on your mobile, you will have the option to cash out in play.

Within the main menu of your designated betting site, there will be a cash out button. By clicking/tapping this button you will be taken to your live bets, bets that are available to cash out in play are usually highlighted.

When selecting any highlighted bet the details will pop up on your screen, showing you exactly how much that bet is worth at that time. best cash out betting sites - bet365

Its then down to you to decide if you want to cash out early, or take a chance and keep the bet going for a bit longer; in order to risk gaining a better profit.

A lot of bookies now allow you to partially cash out, leaving some of your stake in play.

In-Play Betting Example

Say you have a gut feeling Newcastle United are going to cause an upset at Liverpool, so you bet £10 on Newcastle to win at 9/2 with Paddy Power. Newcastle somehow manage take a 1-0 lead in the 73rd minute, this is where the fun begins.

You’re being offered £25 to cash out early, knowing that there are still 17 squeaky bum minutes left to play. Do you take the cash and run or hold your nerve for the full £55? Praying that the tide doesn’t turn and your cash out in play option doesn’t disappear; never to be seen again.

Personally we would always choose to cut and run, as any amount of profit is a plus. Letting it ride could mean you lose it all and that’s where bad decisions can usually follow.

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There is a new craze sweeping across the betting scene, the cash out in play option is finally becoming mainstream, Betfair have allowed you […]

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