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William Hill Plus Card & App

    Do you get frustrated having to wait for your winnings to be processed by the bank before you can withdraw then? Well with the new William Hill Plus Card App, you can get your hands on the cash a lot quicker.

    Following in the footsteps of the successful Coral Connect card, the William Hill Plus card has gone down well with new and existing customers; giving them better access to their profits as well as an easier way to fund the account.

    Thanks to the Plus Card from William Hill, online customers no longer have to wait 3-4 days for bank transfers to be processed. Instead they can have cold hard cash in their hands in the blink of an eye. It can also be combined with PayPal betting for the ultimate banking solution.

    How Does the William Hill Plus Card Work?

    The premise is actually very simple, the Plus Card app simply provides access to an online account wallet to in-store staff at William Hill Bookmakers.

    william hill plus card
    Use the William Hill Plus Card to withdraw cash in-store

    Therefore, if customers place a bet at the betting shop and it wins, there’s the option of taking the cash or having it uploaded to an online William Hill account. Likewise, if you’ve won with an online bet, you walk in to the betting shop and have the cash given to you in person; particularly handy if your short of money while out for pint with your mates.

    If combined with the William Hill Cash in my Bet option, which can maximise profits or reduce loses, the Plus Card can be extremely beneficial.

    How to get a Plus Card from William Hill

    Getting hold of a card is just as easy as actually using it and can be done with just a few clicks.


    Simply head over to William Hill and open a new account, or just log in if you’re an existing customer. For new players there’s also the added bonus of a generous welcome bonus. Regardless of how you want to collect your card, from the options detailed below, an online account is essential if you want to bet on your mobile.

    Once logged in, visit the banking section and submit a request for a William Hill Plus card and pin number; it’s worth noting though that it can take up to four working days to receive them. From that point on you should be able to access all your Plus transactions at

    Local Betting Shop

    The quicker and easier option is to simply nip in to your nearest shop, be sure to take your username and password. The in-store staff will use the login details provided to link a new card directly to your online account right there and then. So there’s no need to sit at home waiting for the postman to deliver it. Then when there are winning to be withdrawn, simply head back to the shop and get that cash, provided they have clear and are showing in your account wallet.

    It also goes without saying that in order to get you shiny new Plus Card from William Hill or withdraw funds, the staff will need to see a valid proof of I.D; such as a passport or driving licence. Well you wouldn’t want them giving your money to the wrong person now would you?

    Although we love the card and the extra access that it provides, there is just one slight downside; which only affects new customers. A new online account has to have been opened and activated for a minimum of 30 days, but once that period has passed its all plain sailing.

    William Hill Direct Cash vs Plus Card App

    william hill plus betting shopSome regular customers may be thinking the card is the same as Direct Cash, but there is a slight difference. As with the new card, online winnings can be cashed out in store using Direct Cash, but to do this you will need to print a voucher from your account. Also any in-store winnings cannot be loaded in to an online account using Direct Cash.

    Another downside would be that vouchers are non-refundable, so if you lose it or wash it in your jeans pocket, you lose the cash. Which is one of the main reasons we and other customers prefer to use the William Hill Plus card, as it’s a much safer and more secure option.

    On the Plus side, if you placed a bet in-store you can use the William Hill bet slip checker in the app. This will instantly tell you if your bet is a winner

    What we think!

    Despite not making our list of best cash out betting sites, we were very impressed; a much better option than the likes of the Grid Card from Ladbrokes. The benefits of the Plus Card from William Hill far out way any negatives, so opting for one is a bit of a no brainer for most people. But whether it’s the right option for you is dependent upon one thing, how quickly do you want access to your cash? If you don’t mind waiting the few days for funds to clear in your bank then why bother; it’s just another card to carry in your wallet or mobile app clogging up your phone.

    If the card is right up your street, then head over to the site and claim your card. However, if you’re unsure as to whether you want to open an account then check out our William Hill spotsbook review.