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Coral Connect Card and Mobile App Guide

    Welcome to our comprehensive Coral Connect Card Guide. Here you will find an easy to use step-by-step rundown of what the benefits and rewards the Connect Card and mobile app have to offer; as well as whether you should apply for one.

    Thanks to the Coral Connect Card, betting and managing your money and online wallet just got a lot easier. Regardless of whether you bet online at the Coral main site or app, or like walking in to the local betting shop; the connect card from Coral just simplified your life, by bringing both of those worlds together.

    Since the launch of this revolutionary card, other bookies have decided to follow suit; with the emergence of The Grid Card or the Plus Card from William Hill. But despite being first out of the gate, have they managed to outpace the competition?

    What is the Coral Connect Card?

    coral connect cardQuite simply, it just like bank card in your wallet and equally as easy to use; with the exception of not being able to use it at a cash machine. With the Coral Card you have a fully combined and manageable online and offline betting account.

    The card allows you to make deposits and fast withdrawals on the main site or Coral Connect app to place your bets, then you can collect any winnings from your nearest Coral shop and vice versa. There are also additional benefits to customers like discounts and rewards, as well as being a completely secure banking method.

    How To Get Your Connect Card

    This is almost as simple as using it! If you are not already a customer, head over and open a Coral account; just proceed to the next step if you do have an account. Then put on your shoes and head to your nearest Coral shop armed with your new account username. Give your details to the staff at the counter and they will hand you your shiny new Coral Connect Card and PIN number.

    That really is it! You are now free to use the Coral Connect App and card whenever it suits you.

    Using The Coral Connect App

    As well as in shop or online, Coral also have a dedicated Connect App that registered players can utilise. Using the Connect App comes with its own benefits you can take advantage of, the best of which has to be the Coral bet tracker option.

    Making the most of this feature involves placing a bet at your local betting shop. Once your bet is placed, simply add the unique id number on your betting slip to the Coral App. From then on you will be able to monitor your single or accumulator directly from your mobile phone.

    This also come with the added bonus of being able to utilise Coral Cash Out. So if you’re in a winning position and want to cut your losses, simply use the Coral Connect app to close the bet; an option that wouldn’t ordinarily be available with Coral shop bets.

    Coral Connect Card Benefits

    Coral Connect App Free BetI’m sure you’ve probably already realised some of the benefits of this card, but we thought we’d give you a bit of a rundown anyway.

    Payments & Withdrawals

    We’ve mentioned the fact you can link your shop bet to the app, but you can also add cash to your account and spend it online. For those of us who are concerned about keeping financial details secure in the digital, this is a perfect option; as no card details are required in order to make a deposit.

    You can also make cash withdrawals at the bookies, so again your bank details are kept completely safe; it’s also more secure than using Neteller or PayPal betting sites.

    Connect App & Card Rewards

    As a thank you for using the card and remaining loyal to the brand, Coral Connect Card users are handsomely rewarded.

    The more you use the card or the app the bigger and better the rewards get. These special offers come in the form of exclusive betting promotions, bonuses and a free bet, as well as discounts online and in store for retailers; previous offers have included 25% off your food bill at Walkabout.

    What We Think

    We absolutely love the concept of linking your online account to a to offline activity, it provides a well-rounded experience; so we have to applaud the ingenuity of Coral. Although it’s similar, we much prefer to use Coral’s version over lackluster Grid Card.

    Our preference is to use the Coral Connect App, as it can be used anywhere we have a signal. Place a bet while out picking up the Saturday papers, then cash it out on the couch or at the match; what’s not to like!