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Sports Betting Sites using Neteller

    Whether you’re an expert at betting or new to it all, there’s one thing we have in common and that’s finding a safe, secure and reliable site. But have you considered the banking method that you’re using? Providing details to various online sites for the best odds, means you’re parting with your bank details over and over again. Cash Out Betting Sites are here to bring you the best ways to bet, so let us tell you more about the top banking method and the sports betting sites using Neteller.

    If you’ve never heard of Neteller we’d be surprised, because it’s the most commonly offered banking method at online betting sites; after debit cards. Its growth has a lot to do with the increased fears people have over safety of their financial information online, but also due to its sheer simplicity. Add in the fact that many of the top sports betting sites use Neteller, probably ones you’re already registered with.

    You can access Neteller by clicking on the green logo in the banking area of your chosen sports betting site. At this point you will be required to register and provide bank details, but this is for Neteller only; not the betting site.


    neteller sports betting sitesSports betting sites using Neteller;

    Deposit using Neteller

    You have a choice of the way in which you would like to add credit to your Neteller account, whether this is good old debit card, Paypal or even Bitcoin. What you will notice is that below each option is a percentage fee for handling the transaction. So if you were to add credit to your Neteller account using debit cards, you’ll pay between 1.9 – 4.95% extra; depending upon the branch of bank you use.

    Once the money is in your Neteller account you can use it on whatever sports, bingo or casino sites you choose which accept Neteller; with no additional fees. Meaning you can quickly fund your betting account and place that Win Draw Win bet in a matter of minutes.

    Withdraw using Neteller

    If you decide that you want to withdraw credit from your Neteller account, maybe back to your bank account; then there is again a small transaction fee.

    Using Neteller at sports betting sites to withdraw winnings is handy if you usually bet using phone bill or use Google Pay bookmakers. This is due to the fact that profits cannot be withdrawn using either of these methods.

    We’ve found that for many who use this banking method, it’s the ability to wager on a number of gaming or betting sites which is the real bonus. We understand that the idea of paying a percentage fee is off putting, but we can assure you that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

    Benefits of betting using Neteller include;

    • Increased banking safety and security, because you only need to give your bank details once to Neteller and all funds are stored on an e-wallet,
    • It’s not just the online sports gaming giants who are fans of Neteller, because many other online companies provide this as a banking method,
    • Because your gaming credit is in your e-wallet, you’ll find registering and funding any of your accounts is quick and easy; now that sounds good to us.

    Neteller now accept Boku pay by phone bill

    One method of banking we haven’t touched upon is pay by phone bill and this is where sports betting using Neteller, will really stand out.

    Pay by phone bill is a depositing method through the company Boku and means that you can charge your betting credit to your mobile phone bill. As well as improving your security even further, because you only have to provide Boku with your 11 digit mobile number. You can also balance your money more effectively throughout the month.

    Boku is even easier to register with than Neteller, but sadly the industry hasn’t quite seen the light over its many benefits; so this is a sneaky short cut we had to share with you. Yes there is a fee when you add credit from Boku to Neteller, but imagine not having to pay off the balance until your next mobile bill comes through!

    If you’d prefer to use Boku mobile billing only, then we have discovered a couple of sports betting sites who offer it; these are BoyleSports and Netbet.

    We’re sure your head is swimming after reading this, so head on over to whichever sports betting site grabs your attention and check the banking methods further. Each sports site offers incredible welcome bonuses and odds, so it’s just ensuring you get the right one for you!

    Welcome bonus and transaction fees stated in this article are subject to change.