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Google Pay Betting Sites

    We consider ourselves to be experts in sports betting as well as online payments, so it was no surprise when Google Pay betting sites started to crop up. Having launched on the back of Android Pay, GPAY is now available as a digital wallet with some of the biggest bookmakers in the UK.

    There are already a large number of payment methods available at online betting sites, such as Apple Pay, PayPal and bet using phone bill. But Google Pay have quickly recognised the benefits of being involved in one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, but are there any benefits to betting using GPAY and which bookies accept it?

    Best Betting Sites with GPAY

    As you can see, there are still only a few betting sites that accept Google Pay, but we probably would have said the same thing about other payment options a few years ago. It just takes a bit of time for them to make the breakthrough and is by no means an indication of its popularity or usefulness.

    When more GPAY gambling sites come on board, you can be sure you will find them here first.

    Google Pay Betting Explained

    google pay betting sites
    (Image: Google Pay | © Google | Licence: CC BY Wikimedia Commons)

    As boring as it can be, we thought we would get started with the nitty gritty, before moving on to the good stuff.

    GPAY is quite simply a digital wallet from Google, the world’s biggest search engine. Originally launched as Android Pay back in 2015 as an in-app and tap-to-pay option for mobile devices and smart watches. In 2018 it was brought under the Google brand to increase its appeal to merchants, which has led to the likes of bet365 and NetBet taking it as a payment option.

    It works in much the same way as Apple Pay, in the fact that the handle the process of moving money from your bank to the betting site; so they don’t actually hold any of your cash which is why they aren’t classed as an e-wallet.

    Online Gambling Using Google Pay at bet365 and NetBet

    As you would expect from a modern payment method, using GPAY at a preferred Google Pay Bookmaker is both simple and secure. Once you have selected a GPAY betting site from the list above, it is a pretty straight forward and familiar process.

    Visit the banking section in your account, select Google Pay from the list of payment methods available and then choose the amount you want to deposit. You will then be as to select which banking card you want to use for your GPAY sports betting deposit; from those you have previously registered with your Google account.

    You will then be asked to verify the transaction and once this has been done, the funds will be waiting for you in the bookmaker’s wallet; for you to place your bets accordingly.

    As with most payment methods and betting sites, minimum deposit amounts will vary, so it’s worth bearing that in mind.

    Pros and Cons of Google Pay Betting Payments

    Now we’ve covered the basics of using GPAY at online gambling sites, it’s time to run through the benefits and possible downsides; as this is likely to be the clincher when deciding whether to use it.

    Benefits of Using GPAY Bookies

    Bet using GPAY appOne of the worst things about some deposit methods are the transaction fees. Luckily with Google Pay those fees don’t exist; so the amount you add to your betting account is exactly what you will be charged. They are able to waive any fees as the money is being debited directly from your bank account, rather than being held by a third party like Neteller.

    In today’s society, security is at the forefront of people’s minds when making online payments. Again this is where a GPAY gambling deposit stands out. Each payment has to be verified by either passcode, fingerprint or retina scan, before being processed. When you also take in to account the fact that your card details aren’t required, it’s clear to see this is a very secure payment method.

    Because of the way bookmakers process Google Pay transactions, your payment is instant. This means that once the verified the funds will appear in the wallet of your GPAY betting site.

    Disadvantages of using Google Pay at Online Bookmakers

    Unfortunately, most online and mobile payment methods have a down side, GPAY is certainly no exception; although this is limited to just one negative.

    As with most digital wallets, like Boku payments, you are unable to withdraw any sports betting winnings using Google Pay. In order to collect your cash, you will need to make sure your chosen bookmaker also offer direct bank transfer, PayPal or even Neteller.

    If you are concerned about people getting access to your financial information, then we’d recommend a PayPal betting sites.

    Is Google Pay Betting Safe?

    As we mentioned earlier, sports betting using Google Pay is extremely secure. This is due to the various way you can authorise your payment in order to keep your details private.

    GPAY use the following cyber security measures, which are some of the toughest available.Google pay bookmakers with fingerprint scanner

    Fingerprint – Most modern smartphones have fingerprint security for unlocking your phone, GPAY use the fingerprint stored on your android device to ensure the person making the transaction is the same person who registered the account. After scanning your finger, only then will they process the payment.

    Passcode – Similar to 3D secure for debit cards, a unique passcode will be sent to the mobile number registered with your account. Simply enter the code within the timeframe specified to authorise the deposit at your bookmaker.

    Retina – Similar to fingerprints, your phone can actually be used as a retina scanner; where it will scan your eyeball for varication if you have this set up.

    As you can imagine, the options available to you for approving your Google Pay betting deposit will depend on your mobile device. High end smartphones should have all three options available, whereas entry level phones will have to rely on a passcode.

    GPay Betting Deposit Alternatives

    If you are not convinced by Google Pay betting, or the betting sites accepting it don’t appeal to you, then you may be looking for an alternative depositing method. Below is a list of payment methods that are accepted in the UK and other territories.

    The above payment options are among the most popular after bank transfers and debit cards. They also don’t have the long processing times like standard banking. So feel free to see if any of these align with your preferences.

    Some bookmakers have also taken to creating their own payment options, which come with extra benefits. These include;

    The only issue with using the above is pretty obvious, you have to have an account and they can only be used at those bookies.

    Our Verdict on Google Pay Deposits

    Most online payments at betting sites are secure, but GPAY seems to offer an extra level of security when protecting against financial fraud. We personally feel it offers the most protection for gambling customers.

    Whilst some may be deterred by the fact you can’t withdraw using Google Pay, it doesn’t really bother us. If like us you just bet for the fun of it and not the profit, we rarely make withdrawals and use our winnings to gamble; because we never risk huge amounts hunting a life changing win because it very rarely happens. So we are happy to recommend Google Pay betting to any online gambler.