Colossus Bets Cash Out Review

    Unfortunately there is no promotional scheme available on Colossus Bets to assist us in advertising the site. As such we have provided you with an alternative called Bet365.

    It may not be as high profile as Betfair or Bet365 but Colossus Bets Cash Out has the potential to be bigger than their competitors, Colossus Bets is a relatively new betting site but they have wasted no time in establishing one the best cash out options available.

    What is Colossus Bets?

    Colossus Bets is an award winning online football pool betting operator based in the UK that combines sports betting and lottery. Players can pick up to seven correct score outcomes to win prizes up to £2,000,000 on stakes as low as 20p!

    colossus bets cash outColossus Bets has two main features:

    1) The world’s biggest guaranteed prize pools,

    2) Unique Colossus Bets Cash Out allowing players to cash-in their ‘live’ tickets, in full or in part as games progress leg by leg (including at half-time breaks).

    They also recently won an SBC Award for Best Football Innovation in a betting product.

    Colossus Bets Cash Out Option

    Colossus Bets even allows punters to trade in a percentage of their bet, known as fractional cash-in or Colossus Bets Cash Out i.e. you can sell back your bet to Colossus Bets, in increments of 10% should you so wish and retain an interest in the original bet, giving you the opportunity to collect winnings if the bet loses, as well as potentially winning more if your predictions win.

    New Player offer

    For a limited time the Colossus Bets welcome bonus has been increased from their usual £10, new players will now receive a 100% cash match when they deposit and wager the full amount they deposit up to £100.

    Colossus Bets Jackpots

    Just so you can comprehend how big the jackpots can be with Colossus Bets and how intent they are on becoming one of the biggest betting sites in the UK, for the 2014 World Cup, they will be offering a £10,000,000 Colossus pool or a £2,000,000 Pick 6 pool every day during the group stages.

    Colossus beat Coral

    They are also probably one of the few betting sites that actually know their stuff as well, last October Colossus Bets have won the Coral £1,000,000 football jackpot! After correctly picking the outcomes of 15 Premier League games selected by Coral, the Colossus Bets team won the jackpot offered by their pool betting rival.