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Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot – Tips & Predictions

    Surely we all know how good this bookmaker is already when it comes to odds and offers, but the Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot has to be one of their best promotions.  In this step by step guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know to challenge other Paddy Power hotshots to that jackpot. This includes how to play, plus tips and predictions for the free to enter weekly competition.

    What is Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot?

    Hot off the heels of the Paddy Power Onside app, Hotshot Jackpot is the latest in a long line of exceptional products from the quirky Irish bookmaker, but how exactly does it work and what is involved?

    To put it simply, Hotshot Jackpot is a free to enter football prediction competition that is open to anyone with a Paddy account. So this means you cannot play this predictor anywhere else.

    Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot TipsTo take part all you need to do is predict the first goalscorer from six predetermined games. If you don’t fancy any goals to be scored in a particular game, simply select no Goalscorer for that fixture. Should you make six correct predictions then you could be walking away with a whopping jackpot of at least £250,000. Why at least? For every round of games where the jackpot isn’t won, Paddy will add a further £25,000 to the pot.

    But the generosity for all of the Paddy Power Hotshots doesn’t end there. If nobody takes home the jackpot, the player whit the most first goalscorers selected will walk away with tidy sum of £2,500. Plus, whoever makes the most correct predictions over the course of a season will bag themselves £25,000.

    Grab a Bonus Bet with Hotshot Jackpot

    Fancy a free bet? Then simply be one of the top 100 Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot players that week to be rewarded with a £25 free bet; not bad for a weekly free prediction competition is it. So make sure you log in to the Paddy Power Hotshots app, using your paddy power login, in order to take part.

    How to play Paddy Power Hotshots – A Comprehensive Guide

    Taking part in this excellent free competition is really easy, but you’ll obviously have to have an account to do so. If you’re not yet a customer then head over to paddy and sign up today, claiming a £20 risk free bet at the same time.

    1. Visit Paddy’s website, claiming a free bet if you’re a new customer.
    2. Navigate to the Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot page.
    3. Make your selections for the first six goalscorers from the fixtures provided.
    4. Answer the Hotshots app tiebreaker (full explanation below).
    5. Click Complete Your Entry to confirm your selections.


    It really is that simple to take part, no ridiculous terms and conditions, no wagering requirements, just simply click and play.

    More Than One Hotshot Jackpot Winner?

    If there are multiple Paddy Power Hotshots, the tiebreaker question we mentioned earlier comes in to play. During your selection and entry process you will be asked to predict the minute in which you think the first goal will be scored. In the event of more than one player correctly predicting all six goalscorers, the person who guesses the time of the first goal correctly, or is the closest with their prediction will take the jackpot. In the rare case the tiebreaker ends in a tie, then the prize money will be split equally among the winners.

    If you happen to be the lucky jackpot winner, you can use the Paddy Power Cash Card PPlus to get instant access to your cash.

    What If Nobody Wins?

    As we mentioned earlier, if nobody takes home the Hotshot Jackpot the prize fund is increased by £25,000; continuing to increase weekly until there is a winner.

    But there is always a winner of sorts every week and season the following prizes are also dished out to participating players;

    • £2,500 to the person with the most correct goalscorers.
    • £25 free bet to the top 100 players.
    • £25,000 to player with the most correct predictions throughout the season.


    So why not give it a try the next time you’re logged in to your account? It is free after all!

    Hotshot Jackpot Tips and Predictions Strategy

    Paddy Power Hotshots AppOk, so we obviously can’t post our weekly tips and predictions here, but we can tell you how to improve your chances of winning the Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot.

    Timing is everything! There’s no point making your selections early in the week, there’s way too much of a risk that a player could get injured; therefore wasting your entry. So our first tip is to wait until the day the games take place.

    It may be tricky to wait until the starting eleven are announced, as they’re only done a short time before kick-off; so you’ll need to be ready to go if you adopt that strategy. Another option is to look at previous team line-ups, this will give you an indication of the likely formation and players preferred. It will also help in providing vital information, such as which players are in form, who is experiencing a goal drought and whether a team is more likely to concede than score.

    Dead ball situations can also be vital. If a free flowing team are facing a strong defensive line-up, then they may have to rely on a penalty or free kick to break the deadlock; so who are their set piece specialists likely to be? There’s also corners, who’s the usual target guy.

    If there’s a player that stands out in each of the above, then that’s your guy. So using these Hotshot Jackpot tips and strategy can give you a real advantage over the other players.

    Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot Significant Terms

    As with any gambling competition or promotion, there are certain conditions that need to be met or adhered to; in order to be able to collect any potential winnings. These key terms are as follows;

    • Any account holder can play
    • Entry is completely free via mobile app or desktop
    • Only one entry per person
    • Own goals are classed as no goal
    • Valid email/phone number in order to be notified


    Meet all of these conditions and you could be on to a Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot winner.

    What We Think

    Whether to give Paddy Power Hotshots a go or not is a tough decision. Yes there’s a huge jackpot up for grabs, as well as plenty of smaller prizes; It’s also completely free to enter so you literally have nothing to lose. But the chances of you hitting the jackpot are pretty slim, you may be better taking advantage of the Coral acca club; or a similar promotion.

    Log in to your account and play today. Or if you want to know what else this popular bookmaker offers, take a look at our Paddy Power Cash Out Guide.