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MuchBetter Betting Sites

    When it comes to sports betting online, you need to be able to fund an account securely. That’s where MuchBetter betting sites come in. This latest innovation in online bookmaker payments is designed to make depositing much easier. Where MuchBetter stands above its competitors is the fact that it was specifically designed for the online gambling sector.

    This multi-functional payment method has an app based wallet for iOS and android devices for online payments, as well the ability to purchase pre-paid cards for betting from High St shops and contactless payments.

    Rather than having to adapt to modern requirements like older payment methods, betting sites that accept MuchBetter are perfectly set up with security and usability in mind. Making it a perfect pairing for people who want bet on the go or cash out early.

    Best MuchBetter Betting Sites

    Although MuchBetter has been around for a couple of years, it took a while for betting sites to catch on to its many benefits. Thanks fully though, 2023 has seen a boom in MuchBetter betting sites, with some big names adding them to their wallets.

    So with that in mind, we thought we would provide you with a list of what we consider to be the best MuchBetter betting sites in the UK.muchbetter betting sites

    We’ve noticed other sites have listed some relatively unknown betting sites, but most of these sites are not regulated. With our list, you can rest assured that they are not only fully UKGC licenced, they are also well respected in the gambling community.

    How Does MuchBetter Work at Bookmakers?

    Before delving in to the inner working of MuchBetter, we thought we’d give you a little more detail about the company and the payment options available. It was launched by Rtekk Holdings Limited as a seamless payment method for online gambling and gaming. The idea was to develop a payment method that could transfer funds quickly and securely to betting sites.

    Thankfully they delivered that and more, with a payment method that has impressed the gambling industry. This has been achieved by incorporating every real time payment method you could think of, including;

    • Online & Mobile App
    • Contactless Payments
    • MuchBetter Debit Card
    • Wearable Devices

    It probably doesn’t come as a surprise but the MuchBetter app is the option that is most used to make sports betting payments, as it is fully licenced through the FCA. They also have their own MuchBetter debit card.

    The MuchBetter MasterCard is actually a pre-paid card that can be used both online and offline, which is perfect for William Hill customers who like to use the William Hill Plus card. There are also no transaction fees and it utilises dynamic security measures, protecting both your money and your information.

    In order to use it at betting sites, you will need to download the MuchBetter app and complete the registration process. This is quick and simple and just required a few personal details, such as your name, home and email address plus mobile number. Once these are provided, the account is set up and the only thing you’ll need to supply in future is the mobile number so that a four digit code can be received to verify payments.

    MuchBetter Deposit Process

    The first thing you’ll likely be wanting to know about is how to use MuchBetter betting sites to make a deposit. To begin with you will need to fund your MuchBetter account, this can be done using a debit or credit card, purchase a prepaid card or bank transfer. As the range of deposit option differ within each country, we advise to check their website to see what is available for your country of residence.

    The next stage is to transfer the cash in to the betting site you have chosen. This can be done by visiting the wallet or banking section of your online bookmaker. There you will see the MuchBetter logo, select that option then enter the deposit amount and the mobile number linked to your MB account.

    Once you have hit process or deposit, the payment will need to be verified by you, after this has been done the money should be instantly available to place your bet.

    How do I Withdraw Money Using MuchBetter Betting Sites

    As soon as your account is active you can begin to make payments to any of the MuchBetter betting sites listed above. Unfortunately though, there will likely be a few more hoops to jump through before you can make a withdrawal, especially if it’s a new betting account.

    At some point you will need to complete a Know Your Customer check, this is where the app and betting site are legally required to check your identity. Government issued photo ID will need to be provided as well as a recent bank statement or utility bill. Once the KYC check has been completed you will be able to make a withdrawal.

    Now providing you have some winnings in your betting account, you will need to visit the ‘Withdraw Funds’ section of the bookmakers website. From there you will be able to select the amount you wish to withdraw from your current balance.

    You will then be asked for the details of your MuchBetter account, i.e. phone number. All that’s left to do is withdraw funds and the money will be transferred to you MuchBetter account balance. Make sure you enter the correct number as once the request is made, it cannot be reversed.

    Benefits of Using the MuchBetter App for Sports Betting

    Admittedly we love a phone bill bookmaker, but being as you can’t withdraw using the like of Boku, MuchBetter betting has become a great option for us. But even taking the aside the ability to withdraw your cash, what other benefits do MuchBetter betting sites offer?

    Payment Limits

    Some deposit methods, like phone bill, have strict low payment limits. This is where you can only deposit a set amount per day, week or month, but not with MuchBetter.

    Once an account has been verified, customers are free to begin loading their accounts with up €2500. But if you can provide relevant proof of funds, then this limit can be increased to suit your needs.

    Transaction Fees

    Most e-wallets and online payment providers charge transaction fees for moving money between your bank and your betting account. But again, MuchBetter isn’t like most payment options though, as any payments to your sportsbook or withdrawals made to your MuchBetter account are completely free; providing the currency in your betting account and bank are the same.

    The only fees that could be applied are for payments made using Visa and MasterCard credit cards, which is a steep 5%. But payments made using debit cards and bank transfers carry a zero processing fee.

    MuchBetter Betting Deposit Alternatives

    If you are not convinced by MuchBetter betting or you can’t use it in your country, then you may be looking for an alternative depositing method. Below is a list of popular payment methods that are accepted in the UK and other territories.

    The above payment options are among the most popular after bank transfers and debit cards. They also don’t have long the long processing times like standard banking. So feel free to see if any of these align with your preferences.

    What we think

    Just like with online bookies, there seems to be a new payment method popping up every month. But unlike some other options, MuchBetter betting sites will here for a good while yet, as it has been well received by punters and bookmakers alike.

    Fee free transactions are just one of the reason we and other gamblers like to use MuchBetter betting sites. The fact that there is a much bigger deposit limit than other payments and you can use their secure processing to make a fast withdrawal is just another reason that they can’t be ignored.

    If you don’t feel we’ve answered all your questions, then feel free to take a look at the MuchBetter website for further information. We would rather you do your due diligence before using any payment method.